Bodega Bay Bike & Pedestrian Trail

Project Description

Construct a 3-mile pedestrian and bicycle trail paralleling Highway 1 from Keefe Avenue through the town of Bodega Bay to Bird Walk Coastal Access Trail in Supervisorial District 5.

The Bodega Bay Trail will provide a link in the proposed 1,200-mile California Coastal Trail from Mexico to Oregon. The 8-foot-wide trail will provide a separate north-south route through Bodega Bay to improve safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. The trail will connect State Parks, County Parks, retail shops, restaurants, businesses, and scenic overlooks of Bodega Bay Harbor along the Highway 1 corridor. Users will experience the village atmosphere of Bodega Bay and have access to the beautiful Sonoma County coast, historic harbor, and picturesque waterfront.

The trail development consists of three phases: Coastal Prairie Trail, North Harbor Coastal Trail, and Harbor Coastal Trail. Please see “Bodega Bay Trail Sections Map” for the trail alignments.

Coastal Prairie Trail: This 1.1-mile trail segment starts at Keefe Avenue, continues through Sonoma Coast State Park and ends at the Bodega Bay Community Center. 

North Harbor Coastal Trail: The 0.32-mile trail segment starts at the Bodega Bay Community Center, continues through the Bodega Bay Dunes Campground and ends at Eastshore Road.

Harbor Coastal Trail: The 1.6-mile trail segment starts at Eastshore Road, continues on county tidelands as an elevated boardwalk until it connects to Smith Brothers Road where the trail continues on county and state road right of way to Bird Walk Coastal Access Trail.

Cost & Funding

Coastal Prairie Trail: Estimated cost of this segment is $1.5 million. Available funding includes the following sources: $260,000 Transportation Development Act Article 3 Funds, $142,575 Coastal Impact Assistance Program (US Fish & Wildlife Service), $300,000 Measure M, and $360,000 Land and Water Conservation Fund grant.

North Harbor Coastal Trail: Estimated cost of this phase is $2 million. Additional funding is needed to complete this project.

Harbor Coastal Trail: Estimated cost of this phase is $2.4 million. Additional funding is needed to complete this project.

             Bodega Bay Trail funding logos: Coastal Conservancy, Measure M, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Land & Water Conservation Fund


The Bodega Bay Trail project was initiated by the community, which wanted a safe path for pedestrians and bicyclists traveling along the Highway 1 corridor. In 2004, the California Coastal Conservancy provided the County with grant funds to study various trail alignments along the Highway between Salmon Creek and Doran Beach Regional Park. The Bodega Bay Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee formed to provide input on the study. Several community meetings and workshops were conducted to solicit input. The April 7, 2005 meeting at the Grange Hall attracted more than 50 participants.

Other participants included Caltrans, California State Parks, California Coastal Conservancy, Sonoma County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department, Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works Department, Sonoma County Regional Parks Department, and Supervisorial District 5 Office.

In September 2005, the completed PDF filetrail study (12.9 MB) recommended trail segments that could be completed in the short term, medium term, and long term depending on funding availability. The Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works Department and Caltrans would be responsible for developing on-street segments designated as Class II bike lanes and Class III bike routes within the public road right of way. Regional Parks would be responsible off-street segments designated as Class I bikeway.

In 2008, Regional Parks completed a 0.4-mile segment of the Bodega Bay Trail. This trail segment included the installation of a 110-foot bridge over Cheney Creek connecting Doran Beach Regional Park. The $540,000 project was funded by County park mitigation fees, California Coastal Conservancy grant, and Measure M.

In 2010, the County Board of Supervisors adopted the County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, which included the Bodega Bay Trail project as a high priority.

Next Steps

Coastal Prairie Trail

Due to funding constraints as a result of permitting requirements and conditions, the project will be built in two phases. In fall 2014, Phase 1C was constructed and connects the Bodega Bay Community Center to the Bodega Dunes Campground entrance road. This .47 mile trail segment includes two boardwalks, an 8-foot-wide trail of stabilized aggregate with a 3-foot shoulder on one side and a 1-foot shoulder on the other side, signs, and other amenities. The trail was officially dedicated on December 4, 2014.

Regional Parks recently received a federal grant from the Land & Water Conservation Fund for $360,000, along with funding from Measure M and Transportation Development Act Article 3 to construct the next phase of the project. Phase 1B is a .63 mile segment that will connect the Bodega Dunes Campground driveway with the community of Salmon Creek and complete the Coastal Prairie section of the Bodega Bay Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The project includes a 120 foot long wood side girder bridge and an 8 foot wide stabilized aggregate trail. On September 22, 2015, the Board of Supervisors awarded the construction contract to Siri Grading & Paving, Inc. and the work  began on September 30, 2015.  Due to the welcome rain we have been receiving over the last couple of weeks, project construction has shut down. The Contractor will need several dry days before trail construction can resume.  Weather permitting, we anticipate the project to be complete this Spring 2016.

North Harbor Coastal and Harbor Coastal Trails 

The geotechnical report, wildlife, botanical, and wetland surveys were completed in 2013. Supplemental surveys may be required by regulatory agencies. The next step is to secure funding to start the preliminary design and engineering work which will provide information needed to complete the environmental study.

Become Involved

Regional Parks is in the process of re-establishing the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Bodega Bay Trail project. The committee provides recommendations to the department with respect to the Bodega Bay Trail project. This committee will focus on the southern trail segments (North Harbor Coastal Trail and Harbor Coastal Trail) from the Bodega Bay Community Center to the Bird Walk Coastal Access Park.

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact planner Ken Tam by phone at (707) 565-3348 or by email at

For information regarding the Coastal Prairie Trail, please contact planner Mark Cleveland at (707) 565-3349 or by email at

Questions or Comments?

Contact Project Managers:

Mark Cleveland
Call:  (707) 565-3349
Email:  Mark Cleveland


Ken Tam
Call:  (707) 565-3348
Email:  Ken Tam

PDF file2005 Bodega Bay Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Study

Bodega Bay Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Study

PDF fileTrail Study (12.9 MB)

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