Del Rio Woods

Accessibility & Site Enhancement Project

Project Description

Del Rio Woods Recreation District (“District”) was formed in 1942 to enable the installation of a seasonal dam on the Russian River to create a swimming facility for the District residents. After extensive attempts and research, the Park & Recreation District Board of Directors decided that they reluctantly need to accept the reality that regulations had changed such that it was essentially impossible to get the approvals to install the seasonal dam.

In December of 2015 all five Del Rio Woods Recreation District Board Members resigned from the Board Directors and requested that the responsibilities for the District be transferred to Sonoma County Regional Parks. As a result of the resignation of the Board of Directors there was no one with the authority to operate the District and its park and beach facilities. With the summer season fast approaching, on April 28, 2015 the County Board of Supervisors took action to appoint themselves as the Interim Board of Directors for the District and appointed Caryl Hart, Director of Sonoma County Parks, as the Interim Manager of the District. This action has provided the necessary authority and resources to manage the Del Rio Woods Beach and Park until Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) could complete the process to dissolve the Recreation District and transfer responsibility for the property to Sonoma County Regional parks. LAFCO completed the process in April of 2016 and Del Rio Woods is now part of Sonoma County Regional Parks.

Parks Planning staff is now working on the Accessibility & Site Enhancement project to address required accessibility improvements and other site enhancements for the park facility. A community planning meeting will be held this spring. The improvements are scheduled for fall 2017.

Questions or Comments?

Contact Project Manager:

Mark Cleveland
Call:  (707) 565-3349
Email:  Mark Cleveland

Draft Improvement Plan
Community Meeting

Date: April 1, 2017
Time: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Location: Del Rio Woods, Healdsburg

We are preparing for the long-term management and enhancement of Del Rio Woods and will be sharing the proposed changes with interested neighbors and community members. Join us.

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