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Recreational Crab Season Bulletin

November 1, 2016

Renovation of the boat launch at Westside Regional Park in Bodega Bay has been delayed due to recent rains and the need to survey eelgrass habitat at the project site. Despite the delay, the ramp will be available for opening weekend of the recreational crab season, Nov. 5 and 6.

The Westside boat launch and a launch at nearby Doran Regional Park offer the primary sport fishing access from Bodega Bay to the crab grounds between Point Arena and Point Reyes.

The Westside renovation is scheduled for completion in early December, with the following temporary accommodations in place to assist fishermen at the start of crab season:

  1. The Westside launch will be open Fridays through Sundays, starting at 11:59 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4. Additional weather delays may impact these plans, so check http://bit.ly/westside-boat-launch-status for current conditions.
  2. The Westside launch ramp will be closed Mondays through Thursdays, but open for Thanksgiving Day.  
  3. Westside boat trailer parking will continue to accommodate up to 80 trucks with boat trailers daily beginning Saturday, Nov. 5th.
  4. The Doran launch ramp is open and can accommodate parking for up to 40 trucks with trailers.  In addition, boat trailer parking at the “Jetty” parking area north of the Doran launch will accommodate an additional 20 trucks and trailers. Trailers will need to be removed from trucks and parked in separate spaces.   
  5. If Doran’s trailer parking is full, boaters will be allowed to launch but will be required to park outside the park. The following are suggested alternate parking locations:
    1. Sports Fishing Center parking lot located adjacent to Port of Bodega off of West Shore Road
      PDF fileSport Fishing Center Parking and Pickup Locations (2.21 MB)
    2. Westside launch ramp parking lot - Monday – Thursday
    3. Westside Road- along road where parking is not restricted
  6. To reduce wait times for launching at Doran, boaters are encouraged to have an operator immediately drive the boat out of the launch area while a second person drives the tow vehicle and trailer to a parking location.
    • Boat operators can pick up the tow vehicle driver either at the transient pier at the Sports Fishing Center  ( PDF filesee attached graphic 2.21 MB) or at PDF fileSlip #B49 at Spud Point Marina (2.04 MB).
    • To the extent that boaters are willing to use this approach, it will eliminate the delay associated with boats clogging up the launch docks waiting for the tow vehicle drivers to return from parking boat trailers.
    • Boaters launching out of Doran Park after the boat parking spaces are filled will not be required to pay the $7 park day use fee.  
  7. Spud Point Marina will allow boaters to tie off at the end of its docks to reduce the number of boats trying to access other launch ramps.  Use of “end ties” are on a first-come basis for a daily fee starting at $20 and up, depending on boat size. Boats will be rafted together, so bring an adequate number of bumpers. For more information, call (707) 875-3535.

Funded by a $1.8 million state grant, the Westside renovation will widen the launch ramp, replace piles, abutments and boarding floats, install a new gangway and an accessible kayak launch, improve the restrooms and picnic sites, upgrade the fish cleaning and boat wash stations, and make other major improvements.



Sonoma County Regional Parks operates two small craft launching facilities in Bodega Bay. These are located at Doran Regional Park & Westside Regional Park, and are used by thousands of boaters every year. Regional Parks received funding from the Division of Boating and Waterways to perform the design, environmental, and jurisdictional agency process for both facilities for regulatory permitting and project approval. In order to minimize impacts to boaters seeking launch sites in Bodega Bay, Regional Parks is performing improvements to one facility at a time based on current needs. At this time only the Westside Park boat launch improvements have been funded for construction by the Division of Boating & Waterways. Funding requests for construction of the Doran Regional Park boat launch improvements will be submitted during future Division of Boating & Waterways grant cycles.

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