Lower Russian River Trail (Proposed)

Feasibility Study

The Lower Russian River Trail, from Odd Fellows Park Road to Duncans Mills, is part of a larger trail project. The 2010 County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan identifies a 23-mile Russian River Trail starting in Healdsburg and ending in Duncans Mills. The Project will offer visitors and residents using this trail to experience the scenic views of oak woodland, redwood forest, riparian habitat, river, and provide beach access for recreation.

Besides recreation, the trail will also serve as a non-motorized transportation route linking river communities including: Healdsburg, Forestville, Rio Nido, Guerneville, Monte Rio, and Duncans Mills and providing connection routes to retail shops, restaurants, schools, parks, and other destinations in the Russian River area.

In 2009, Community Based Transportation Plans were prepared for Healdsburg and the Lower Russian River area. Both Plans identified issues and recommendations for improving transportation, including trails, for locals including low income residents. Copies of the plans can be downloaded from the Sonoma County Transportation Authority’s web link at http://scta.ca.gov/library-archive/

Project Description & Goals

The first phase of this project is to study the feasibility of developing an approximately 9-mile paved trail along the lower Russian River corridor, between Odd Fellows Park Road and Duncans Mills. The Lower Russian River Trail starts at the intersection of River Road and Odd Fellows Park Road and continues southwest meandering along the Russian River corridor and State Highway 116 to the end at Moscow Road in Duncans Mills. This trail project is identified as a high priority in the 2010 Sonoma County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

For the first step, a feasibility study needs to be completed for the trail, which is identified as a top priority in the 2009 Lower Russian River Community-Based Transportation Plan. The scope of the feasibility study will include but not limited to soliciting public input from the community and stakeholders, evaluating existing site conditions and roads, mapping, identifying opportunities and constraints, and recommending a preferred trail route.

PDF fileFeasibility Study Area Map (2.17 MB)

Project Goals

  • Develop a fun, safe, and scenic route for bicyclists and pedestrians recreating and travelling along the Russian River corridor between Odd Fellows Park Road (near Rio Nido & Korbel) and Moscow Road in Duncans Mills.
  • Provide bicyclists and pedestrians an alternate route to Highway 116 and River Road.
  • Construct 9 miles of Class 1 bikeway (trail) paralleling the Russian River
  • Connect the trail to communities, existing and future river parks, recreational facilities, and local businesses located between Rio Nido and Duncans Mills.
  • Attract additional tourism for local businesses in the Russian River area
  • Complete high priority project as identified in the Sonoma County Transportation Authority approved 2009 Lower Russian River Community-Based Transportation Plan and the Sonoma County adopted 2010 County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, which also designates Regional Parks as responsible for establishing and maintaining Class I bikeways.

Funding & Schedule

The County is applying for grant funds to complete a feasibility study for the Lower Russian River Trail in November 2016. The feasibility study will identify future costs and grant sources for implementation.

Questions or Comments?

Contact Project Manager:

Ken Tam
Call:  (707) 565-3348
Email:  Ken Tam

Lower Russian River Trail

Lower Russian River Trail map
PDF fileFeasibility Study Area Map
(2.17 MB)

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