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Sonoma County Regional Parks Department is returning to the planning project to re-vision this important and centrally located community park in Sonoma. The planning project will consider new park facilities and programs based on the current and future needs of the community. Ideas for new park features and infrastructure improvements will be balanced with natural resource values and conservation objectives to chart an exciting and sustainable future vision for the property. While considering new proposals, and connections to adjacent uses, the planning process will assess traffic and parking impacts with the goal of developing an overall plan that best resolves the issues, and establishes a cohesive road map for future renovation and improvement projects.

Two workshops were held in the winter and spring of 2015 to gather preliminary feedback on the issues and to help determine what the priorities are for improving the park. After a break in the action Regional Parks is convening another community workshop to review the priorities and consider some preliminary conceptual alternative plans.

Community Survey

An online survey was conducted and the results of the survey are included below:


The 85 acre park is comprised of 5 parcels acquired by the County between 1973 and 1986.  The park property is surrounded by existing commercial and residential development, and is bound to the west by Sonoma Creek close to the confluence with Agua Caliente Creek.  The western two-thirds of the site is part of the flood plain of Sonoma Creek and comprised the former Maxwell Farms property.  A conservation and scenic easement was placed on this portion restricting uses other than those that would maintain the existing openness and rural character of the site.  In accordance with the easement, the original Master Plan was completed in 1986, and development of the infrastructure and initial park features were completed by 1988.  In the mid 1990’s a Master Plan amendment was completed, and additional facilities were constructed including the Boys and Girls Club, a new baseball field, the skate park, and a renovated play area play area.  Currently, the park is actively used by the community including several special use groups, and also hosts a variety of special events.  Over the years the community has expressed several ideas for new features and improvements to the park.  Regional Parks is now encouraging the community to help prioritize the various proposals, and develop an updated Master Plan to guide future renovations and improvement projects.

Cost and Funding Sources

Regional Parks has secured funding for the community outreach and the Master Plan update process. Preliminary cost estimates for renovation and improvement projects will be determined through the planning process, and funding identified as grants and other sources become available.

Anticipated Project Timeline

February 2016: Community workshop: Review of plan alternatives
March – May 2016: Preparation and presentation of preferred plan, Community Workshop date TBD  
May – July 2016: Address public comments and conduct environmental review
August 2016: Finalize Master Plan amendment and CEQA documentation
Aug. - Sept. 2016: CEQA public review period

Questions or Comments?

Contact Project Manager:

Scott Wilkinson
Call:  (707) 565-2734
Email:  Scott Wilkinson

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