Ragle Ranch FEMA Trail & Riprap Repair

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Construction work at bridges 2 and 3 along the Atascadero Creek and Blackberry Trail in Ragle Ranch Regional Park is now complete and trails closed during construction are now open. The project includes 20 native blackberries still to be planted, along the creek bank at bridge 2, after the beginning of seasonal rains. Trails will not be closed during the planting work.

The New Years storms of 2005-2006 scoured the creek bed and flooded the surrounding area causing damage to the park trails and exposing the bridge piers along the creek bank. The project repaired the Thistle Trail between Bridge 2 and 3 by re-grading and adding gravel surfacing. Bridge 2 has new erosion control matting, willow staking, and riprap along the creek bank for stabilization. Bridge 3 improvements included riprap at one bridge pier and a rock trench downstream to control down cutting and erosion.

The project was funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the California Emergency Management Agency.

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Mark Cleveland
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Ragle Ranch FEMA Trail & Riprap Repair

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