• Tolay sunrise on east ridge

Parks Today

The past six years have been a period of especially rapid expansion as we've worked to meet the growing demand for outdoor recreation services and land protections.

We've opened four major parks and trails in the past several years -  Taylor MountainNorth Sonoma Mountain, the  Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail, and the Coastal Prairie Trail - and added to parks like  Hood MountainSonoma Valley and  Tolay Lake.

We've initiated major projects, such as designing Andy's Unity Park, studying the feasibility of the proposed Sonoma Valley bike and pedestrian trail, and planning the expanded trail network at Taylor Mountain

We also have worked to become more financially self-sufficient. Today, more than 25,000 people support the parks by purchasing annual memberships. Daily parking fees, camping fees, program registrations, grants and donations also help sustain the parks system.

Celebrating 50 Years

Parks badge 50 years

Join us as we celebrate 50 years of parks with a year of special outings and events.