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  • Fire Regrowth

    Sonoma County’s forests, woodlands, shrub lands and streamsides already have a plan for recovery after the fires. In fact, they’ve planned for this wildfire disaster for a long time. And they have bounced back from many fires over thousands of years. 

  • Field on Fire
    Several Sonoma County Regional Parks were damaged in October's wildfires and are closed indefinitely as we assess impacts and plan repairs. Here is a summary of how the parks fared and when they might reopen.
  • Couple visits all parks Taylor Mountain

    Most people agree that spending time in parks is good for your health. But the experience of one Santa Rosa couple suggests that visiting parks is good for your love life too. 

  • Tent camping at Doran Beach

    Thinking about camping in Sonoma County this summer? If so and if you want to nab the best spot, reserve your campsite today. The earlier you reserve, the better your chance of ending up with a campsite that matches your needs.

  • Mountain biker climbing Hood Mountain

    From beginning rides at parks like Helen Putnam in Petaluma or Foothill in Windsor to epic climbs at Hood Mountain or the rocky singletrack at Annadel, this list will get you on the trails.  

  • Girl in life vest in the Russian River

    Summer on the Russian River. ... It's an iconic Sonoma County experience on this beautiful warm-weather playground. However, playing in the river is not without risk. So at the risk of sounding like your mom, we ask you to please be safe out there.

  • Healdsburg water carnival barrel races women

    Imagine straddling a tipping and turning wine barrel in the middle of the Russian River, trying not to fall off while propelling yourself forward and around a buoy with a canoe paddle. Get the picture? It's not easy to do, but we suggest you try it at the Healdsburg Water Carnival.

  • Foothill Park picnic table on Oakwood trail

    Spring in Sonoma County is practically a Technicolor experience, and a picnic in the park is one of the best ways to enjoy the season's vivid beauty. You can discover more remote picnic sites, where you're immersed in the sights, sounds and scents of spring.

  • Helen Putnam views to the west

    Looking for a spring hike in Sonoma County that will take your breath away? Head to the rolling hills just west of Petaluma, where Helen Putnam Regional Park features jaw-dropping views of bright green countryside and endless blue-and-white skies. 

  • Gray Whale Breaching in Baja

    The annual south-to-north Pacific gray whale migration hits its stride along the Sonoma Coast from late winter through spring. On this journey, whales travel from the warm birthing lagoons along the Baja Peninsula to the frigid feeding grounds of Alaska’s Bering Sea. 

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