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  • Published on November 2, 2018

    Sonoma County voters on Nov. 6 will be asked to create a dedicated source of funding for their regional and city parks. If approved by two-thirds of voters, Measure M's 1/8-cent sales tax will help repair parks, reduce wildfire risks, protect waterways and wildlife, open public lands, extend trails, and improve access to parks. Learn more about park needs countywide and the citizen oversight for Measure M by reading the expenditure plan and fact sheet.

  • Published on November 2, 2018

    We strive to make Sonoma County’s parks accessible and welcoming. One way we do that is through our Spanish-language community engagement programs like "Nuestros Parques" and "Bajo Las Estrellas." This video shows why we love hosting these hikes and camping trips.

  • Published on November 1, 2018

    Tolay Lake Regional Park offers more than 11 miles of trails, including an extension of the West Ridge Trail that leads to a portion of the park that’s been largely inaccessible until now. 

  • Published on October 9, 2018

    We're thrilled to announce that Tolay Lake Regional Park will be open every day beginning October 27. The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has approved the park's master plan, an action that lets us open the 3,400-acre park daily without the need for visitor permits. With the opening comes new access to the southern half of the park via an extension of the West Ridge Trail, pictured above. But first, we're hosting the annual Tolay Fall Festival!

  • Published on September 5, 2018

    Want to see pure joy? Bring your dog to the Spring Lake Water Bark, the annual off-leash party at the park's swimming lagoon, and watch him splash, fetch, chase new friends, and practically wag his tail off. Dogs can swim and romp Sept. 8-9, Sept. 16, Sept. 22-23, and Sept. 29-30.  

  • Published on September 1, 2018

    Sonoma County’s Regional Parks have a wide selection of trails to choose from: 150 miles of trails to be exact. What goes into making a good trail? More than meets the eye.

  • Published on August 7, 2018

    Sonoma County voters this fall will have the opportunity to create a dedicated source of funding for their Regional and city parks. The Board of Supervisors agreed Aug. 7 to place a 1/8-cent sales tax for parks on the November ballot. If approved by voters countywide, the measure will help the county and cities maintain parks, reduce wildfire risks, protect waterways and wildlife, open long-awaited parks, expand trails, and offer programs. A key piece of the measure is an expenditure plan that details how the funding will support parks. 

  • Published on August 7, 2018

    Stay informed of the funding measure placed on the November ballot for Sonoma County Parks' maintenance, park openings, fire recovery and natural resource protections.

  • Published on August 1, 2018

    Since many of our visitors are turning to inner tubes, we thought it was time to share the dos and don’ts of tubing the Russian River. Though there are several routes to float, the only suggested inner tube trip along the Russian River is the 2-mile stretch of water from Steelhead Beach to Sunset Beach.

  • Published on July 2, 2018

    July kicks off the swim season at Veterans Memorial Beach in Healdsburg. With lifeguards on duty daily and swim zones clearly marked, this family friendly beach is one of the safest places to enjoy the Russian River. The calm, deep swimming area is created by a seasonal dam, a feature that takes a fair amount of engineering and has been a summer tradition for decades. See how the dam goes up and some cool historical images in this short video.

  • Published on June 22, 2018

    The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors earlier this month approved a master plan for future public use and management of a 247-acre addition to the northwest edge of Hood Mountain.

  • Published on June 1, 2018

    Join us Saturday, June 2, to dedicate Andy's Unity Park and celebrate the community spirit that transformed a site of tragedy into a space to play, garden, gather, and remember. The afternoon's activities include prayer, reflection, music, art, food, dancers, drummers, games, crafts, yoga, skateboarding demonstrations, and booths hosted by local groups. Designed by residents, Andy's Unity Park is a testament to a neighborhood's vision and perseverance.

  • Published on May 29, 2018

    Have you ever stopped to think about how to improve Healdsburg's Veterans Memorial Beach? Sonoma County Regional Parks is preparing a plan to redevelop this popular Russian River park and wants to hear what you like about the park or what you'd like to see changed.

  • Published on May 21, 2018

    The public is invited to celebrate the opening and dedication of Andy’s Unity Park in southwest Santa Rosa from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday, June 2. The afternoon will include a rich program of community speakers, music, food, children’s activities, dancers, drummers, art projects, yoga, and more.

  • Published on May 4, 2018

    With Hood Mountain's Pythian Road entrance open for the first time since the wildfires, now's the time to visit. The post-fire landscape offers a unique look at both the ferocity of the flames and the resiliency of nature. At upper elevations, blackened trees stand like burnt matchsticks, but among the charred trunks are hints of regrowth. Our latest blog post tells you what to expect when hiking recently reopened trails. 

  • Published on May 1, 2018

    If you haven’t been to Hood Mountain Regional Park in a while, now is the time to go. The Pythian Road entrance of the 1,750-acre preserve on the edge of the Sonoma Valley recently reopened for the first time since the October 2017 wildfire, and its landscape offers a unique look at the ferocity and resiliency of nature.

  • Published on April 1, 2018

    The Pythian Road entrance to Hood Mountain Regional Park is open! We've restored access to nearly all the trails closed after October's wildfire. These include trails leading from Pythian Road to the mountain's 2,700-foot summit and Gunsight Rock. The opening gives hikers their first opportunity to see how fire affected the southern half of the park - and how it's healing. 

  • Published on March 30, 2018

    Sonoma County Regional Parks has reopened the Pythian Road entrance to Hood Mountain Regional Park & Preserve.

  • Published on March 9, 2018

    Nature can be formidable and challenging, as last fall's wildfires reminded us. But is nature also a resource for health and healing? Intuitively, most of us know it is. Our latest blog post explores the science that shows why time outdoors is good for us, especially when recovering from trauma. And if you'd like to deepen your connection to nature, check out our new Nature Heals series of yoga, poetry, art, and mindfulness activities in the parks.

  • Published on March 7, 2018

    Nature can be formidable and challenging, as the Sonoma County wildfires reminded us. But nature also can be a resource for health and healing. More and more, science bears that out. Reflecting on that evidence, Sonoma County Regional Parks is launching Nature Heals, free monthly sessions that support community wellness through yoga, art, poetry, and meditation in the parks.

  • Published on March 1, 2018

    The annual south-to-north Pacific gray whale migration hits its stride along the Sonoma Coast from late winter through spring. On this journey, whales travel from the warm birthing lagoons along the Baja Peninsula to the frigid feeding grounds of Alaska’s Bering Sea. 

  • Published on February 16, 2018

    It's never been easier to "check out" your parks, thanks to our new partnership with the Sonoma County Library. Now available at all library branches are Regional Parks Discovery Packs, backpacks donated by REI and filled with a parking pass, parks map, nature guides and games, trail notes, Junior Ranger guides, and other park info. All you need to check out the packs - and the parks - are your library card and sense of adventure.

  • Published on February 16, 2018

    We're happy to announce Hood Mountain's Los Alamos Road entrance reopens Saturday, Jan. 20. October's wildfires mostly spared the north end of the 1,750-acre park, so we're able to restore access to beautiful settings like Santa Rosa Creek, Homestead Meadow, Hood Mountain Trail, and the McCormick addition in adjacent Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. 

  • Published on January 22, 2018
    In partnership with Sonoma County Regional Parks, the Sonoma County Library is offering for check-out a limited number of parking passes that give library cardholders free access to Spring Lake, Doran Beach, Taylor Mountain, Ragle Ranch and the other 50-plus regional parks.

  • Published on January 16, 2018

    Sonoma County Regional Parks is reopening the Los Alamos Road entrance to Hood Mountain Regional Park & Preserve on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018.  

  • Published on January 10, 2018

    Sonoma County Regional Parks will receive a $620,000 state grant to study the feasibility of creating a bicycle and pedestrian trail along the lower Russian River.

  • Published on November 21, 2017
    More than a month has passed since the wildfires, and as we all move toward recovery, we want to update you on park conditions and our efforts to stabilize and reopen burned parks.
  • Published on October 18, 2017

    Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the Northern California wildfires. The trauma we are all experiencing is palpable and profound, with some of the very spaces that we turn to for refuge, such as our parks, compromised and closed.  We want to update you on the current park conditions, the role Regional Parks played during this tragedy, and the status of Regional Parks programs and services.

  • Published on September 1, 2017
    Water Bark at Spring Lake, Trails Challenge Hood Mountain Hike, Reflecting on the Future of Parks, Fall Activities Guide, International Coastal Clean Up Day, Blue Water Paddle Race at Doran Beach, other September activities.
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