Facebook Live: Signs of (Early) Spring 

February 25, 2021 from 2:30 2:45 PM

We're live! Join us Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. and once a month at 2 p.m. in Spanish for fun, short science spiels as we share a little about who and what make our parks home. Tune in, start a watch party, and have fun learning about our awesome parks. Every session will include a live Q & A about what we share.

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Date Topic
2/18/2021 Blackberry - Friend or Foe?
2/25/2021 Signs of (Early) Spring
3/4/2021  Why I Like Lichens
2 p.m.
Las Estrellas del Mar (en español) 
3/11/2021Sea Stars: Our Ocean's Sealebreties 
3/18/2021 Soaproot and Its Many Uses
3/25/2021Yelp! Yellowjackets! 
4/1/2021Why Are There Cattle in Our Parks? 
2 p.m.
La Rica Biodiversidad del Pantano del parque Regional Doran (en español)
4/8/2021The Rich Biodiversity of Doran Regional Park's Marsh 
4/15/2021 Firs, Oaks, and Fire 
4/22/2021 Flourishing Flowers 
4/29/2021 City Nature Challenge Kicks Off! 
5/6/2021 Safety First: Dog Edition 
2 p.m. 
Qué Es un Corredor para Vida Silvestre? (en español)
5/13/2021 What is a Wildlife Corridor? 
5/20/2021 Get Out Invaders! 
5/27/2021 Amazing Adaptations