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Junior Ranger: Compass and Orienteering

Shiloh Ranch Regional Park
Ranger Bill knows how to find his way around the parks ... do you? Learn how to use a compass and map and go on a treasure hunt with your newly acquired skill! 

Junior Ranger: Health, Wellness, Par Course!

Spring Lake Regional Park - Jack Rabbit Meadow at Newanga Entrance
Do you like obstacle courses, relay races and games? Then you will have tons of fun exploring the par course route out at the lake with friends.

Junior Ranger: First Aid Outdoors

Riverfront Regional Park
What do you need to know or do to hike safely? Ranger Ryan knows what it takes to safely adventure outdoors and what to do in an emergency.

Junior Ranger: Stargazing

Crane Creek Regional Park
Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered about the constellations? Find your way around the night sky, and learn some of the myths behind these shining images.

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