• Crane Creek trail with spring flowers

Cattle Grazing

February 2021, cattle will be entering Crane Creek for seasonal grazing to reduce fire risk and promote biodiversity. Cows will graze the park intermittently through May 2021, as conditions dictate.

Tips for sharing trails with cattle

  • Keep your dog on a leash 
    Dogs are perceived as predators. Cows cannot distinguish the difference between a coyote and a dog and may become aggravated by an off-leash dog.
  • Do not attempt to pet or feed the cows
    Do not get in between a calf and its mother and do not approach a stray calf, as its mother is likely nearby.
  • If cattle are blocking the trail
    Make yourself known well in advance by waving your arms and shouting. This will usually make cows scatter. 
  • Give cattle plenty of space and an avenue of escape
    If you encounter a cow that acts in a threatening manner or appears to be sick, injured or dead, please take note the location and report it to parks staff.

Park Information


Crane Creek Regional Park

5000 Pressley Road

Rohnert Park, CA 94951
38.34408806, -122.64445

$7 or free for members


7 AM to sunset

Allowed on leash 

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