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Download this easy-to-use guide to your phone and take it along on our wildflower walks this spring. Reserve your spot now for these popular outings.

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Wonderful Wildflowers: Early Spring Beauties

Sonoma Valley Regional Park
Explore the early bloomers and rich biodiversity of flowers at Sonoma Valley Regional Park. Spring means more sun and warmth—and, flowers!—which have been waiting for the longer days to emerge from the ground. Enjoy a relaxing, flat walk and discover spring's surprises. 

Wonderful Wildflowers and Pretty Pollinators

Crane Creek Regional Park
Explore the wondrous wildflowers at Crane Creek Regional Park! Learn about the amazing adaptations of flowers, the role of pollinators such as beetles, bees and butterflies, and the interdependence of both.

Wonderful Wildflowers: Which one is that?

Shiloh Ranch Regional Park
Discover what's in bloom at Shiloh Ranch Regional Park. Learn how to identify flowers using your observation skills, common features and handy hints. Seek out nature's treasures as you look closely and use various tools to sharpen your identification skills. 

Wonderful Wildflowers: Nature's Renewal

Foothill Regional Park
Foothill Regional Park is a prime location to see nature in all its spring glory. Observe how the change in the season creates a vibrant, though fleeting, landscape. 

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