Andy's Unity Park Map

Andy's Unity Park Map

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Andy’s Unity Park is a 4.4-acre park in the Moorland Avenue neighborhood of southwest Santa Rosa. The park is named after Andy Lopez, a 13-year-old neighborhood youth who was shot at the undeveloped site in 2013.

Park amenities include a large natural turf field, community garden, dog park, basketball court, skate plaza, playground, picnic and gathering spaces, pathways, natural spaces and a memorial area featuring a tile mosaic of Andy Lopez’ likeness and interests.

The following park areas correspond with the numbers on the above map:

  1. Community Garden
  2. Off Leash Dog Area
  3. New Pedestrian Parking
  4. Pathway around Turf Area
  5. Open Turf Area
  6. Picnic Tables and Grills
  7. Natural Area
  8. Gathering Space with Stone Seating
  9. Basketball Court
  10. Hammock Hang Out Zone
  11. Multi-Use Pathway
  12. Shade Structure
  13. Jam Circle
  14. Skate Spot
  15. New Parking Area
  16. New Pedestrian Crossing
  17. Restroom
  18. Picnic Area
  19. Play Area
  20. Mural Wall Panels
  21. Kiosco
  22. Andy's Memorial Area
  23. Open Turf Area
  24. Gateway Arch Sign