Crane Creek Regional Park Map

Crane Creek Regional Park Map
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Crane Creek Regional Park features rolling grasslands and beautiful stands of oaks on 128 acres east of Rohnert Park. The parks offers 3.51 miles of trail through meadows and oak woodlands. The trails cover rolling terrain, with the easiest trails running parallel to Crane Creek beneath mature oaks. For a little bit more exertion, the Fiddleneck and Hawk Ridge trails offer excellent views from the top of the hill.

The Fiddleneck, Buckeye, and Northern Loop trails are suitable for equestrians, hikers, and bikers. Many equestrians enjoy riding the seasonal firebreak that follows the south western boundary of the park. The remaining trails are suitable for hiking only.

The Creek and Lupine trails are wheelchair accessible with a compacted gravel surface. 

Recommended Trail Loops

Fiddleneck - Creek trails = 2.0 miles 
Creek - Poppy - Fiddleneck trails = 1.2 miles 
Fiddleneck - Hawkridge Trails = .7 miles 
Creek - Lupine - Fiddleneck Trails = 1.5 miles
Creek - Buckeye - Fiddleneck - Creek = 1.9 miles