North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve Map

North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park map
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North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park offers gorgeous views of the Santa Rosa Plain and surrounding peaks, protects diverse plant and wildlife systems, and connects to the neighboring trail network at Jack London State Historic Park.

Sonoma Mountain is a defining geographic feature of Sonoma County, and this park expands public access to and understanding of the iconic mountain. The park contains a 3.7-mile section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, which winds up the mountain’s northern slope.

Sonoma Mountain contains some of the richest biodiversity in Sonoma County. For example, just within the Ridge Trail corridor, you will see coast live oak, valley oak, black oak, Coastal redwood, California buckeye, California bay, Douglas fir, madrone, flowering currant, and twinberry, just to name a few tree species. This land also is home to deer, mountain lions, bobcats, golden eagles, quail, turkeys and other wildlife.

While on the trail, please be considerate of fellow trail users and follow all park rules.

Mileage - From North Sonoma Mountain Park Trailhead

  • 2.1 miles to Bennett Valley Overlook
  • 3.7 miles to Jack London State Historic Park boundary
  • 4.2 miles to Hayfields Trails junction
  • 8.0 miles to Jack London State Historic Park Entrance