Gualala Point Regional Park Campground Map 

Gualala Point Regional Park campground map
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The campground located on the eastern side of California State Route 1 is connected to the day use part of the park via a short trail through coastal forest. It is situated among the majestic redwood trees and is adjacent to the Gualala River. The campground features an accessible family camping area, individual campsites, walk-to sites and a hiker/bicycle site.

Additional amenities include a restroom with flush toilets, electrical outlets and one coin operated shower. There is also a dump station. Please note: there are no RV hook-ups.

Reservations can be made up to a year in advance and are strongly recommended for summer and the holidays. Regional Parks' members get one free night of camping each year.

Exercise Caution with Fire Rings and Barbecues

Please take special caution around fire rings. The area inside the ring may contain hot coals. Small children should not be allowed to play near the fire rings. The outside surface of the fire ring is very hot. Keep a safe distance from the fire ring. Natural conditions and/or shifting sands will cause variations in the height of the fire rings. Exercise caution when next to a fire ring to avoid tripping or falling. Please dump coals from private BBQ's into fire rings only. Do not dump coals into sand. Coals will smolder and park guests can be burnt by coming into contact with sand when hidden coals exist. Please use caution and common sense when cooking or enjoying campfires. Keep small children at a safe distance at all times.