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Possible Funding for Sonoma County Parks

Sonoma County Regional Parks Have Grown, But Funding Has Not Kept Pace

Over 50 years Regional Parks have grown to over 11,000 acres and 150 miles of trails in 56 parks, open spaces and marinas. In the last ten years the park system has doubled, going from 5,648 acres to 11,071 acres. We now face critical shortfalls for maintenance, new park openings, fire recovery and the protection of natural resources. Currently, we do not have a dedicated funding source to support all of Sonoma County’s parks.

One Option Under Consideration

Park staff have been discussing with local leaders a one-eighth cent sales tax (0.125%) collected countywide over 10 years. This long-term investment would provide a stable source of funding, with significant opportunities to further leverage grants, private funding, and state bonds (Prop 68).

Additional Sonoma County Regional Parks Funding Would:

  • Maintain parks, trails and open spaces
  • Help protect water quality
  • Reduce risk of future wildfires
  • Protect wildlife habitats and fisheries
  • Improve access and increase attendance
  • Support local neighborhood parks and recreation

Our Regional Parks and Open Spaces Help Us During and After the Fires

We saw the 860-acre Shiloh Ranch act as a buffer between the fire and Windsor, helping to slow the fire down long enough for crews to react and prevent its encroachment on the town.

About 2,600 acres of parklands were impacted by the fires. With some of our habitats naturally prepared for wildfires, it has led to some regrowth and fantastic flowering this spring in lighter fire areas. While other spots were severely damaged by the hottest fires and the fire fighting itself – it may take years for us to determine the full damage and recovery period. In the aftermath, we see large numbers of residents coming to our parks for healing and restoration.

Planning for the Future

We are committed to seeing our Regional Parks play a vital role in the health, safety and economy of our county for decades to come. Residents love their parks – now as we recover, we know we can work together to improve our entire Sonoma County parks network for all to enjoy.