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  • Northern Pacific Rattlesnake Coiled

    Sonoma County’s parks are full of wildlife, and that wildlife includes the northern Pacific rattlesnake. Just how dangerous are rattlesnakes? What should you do if you find a rattlesnake on a trail? Here are some snake facts and hiking tips to help you keep calm if you encounter a rattlesnake in a park.  

  • Spring Lake Water Park father daughter splashing

    Each summer, parents face that seasonal challenge of entertaining "bored" children. Our advice? Go to the park, of course! Spending time outdoors benefits kids in so many ways. Plus, it is just plain fun, so here are our suggestions for enjoying Sonoma County’s parks with your family over the summer.

  • Painted Lady butterfly

    Fluttering waves of painted lady butterflies have been passing through Sonoma County’s parks this spring, dancing north in the millions, thanks to the bountiful rains in Southern California this year. But the black and orange ladies aren’t the only butterflies on the wing. To go butterfly spotting with a new appreciation, check what we’re learning about this insect's colors, designs and crazy-good navigation skills.  

  • Sea Ranch headlands

    For outdoor enthusiasts, one of the best things about living in Sonoma County is the moderate weather. Except for days with heavy rains, hiking here can be a year-round pleasure. From the Sonoma Valley to Sonoma Coast, here are some of Regional Parks favorite winter hikes.

  • medusahead
    From American bullfrogs to French broom, invasive plant and animal species have wormed their way into Sonoma County, despite best efforts to stop them. These species are non-native, aggressive colonizers that can have substantial negative impacts on other species or habitats. Managing invasive species is a monumental challenge, one that Sonoma County will prioritize with funding from Measure M, a 2018 tax measure for regional and city parks.
  • Tolay-sky-75.jpg
    If you’ve followed the creation of Tolay Lake Regional Park, you’re in for a real treat. After 13 years of land acquisitions, environmental reviews and partner collaboration, you can now visit Tolay Lake Regional Park daily during regular park hours.
  • Tolay Lake Regional Park in spring
    Sonoma County’s Regional Parks have a wide selection of trails to choose from: 150 miles of trails to be exact. What goes into making a good trail? More than meets the eye.
  • Steelhead Beach Regional Park

    Floating down the Russian River is one of Sonoma County's most popular summer activities. But a tubing adventure can go flat in no time if you don't plan ahead. Here are Sonoma County Regional Parks' do's and don'ts for a successful float trip, including our only recommended route: Steelhead Beach to Sunset Beach in Forestville.

  • Doran Regional Park beach
    If you’re new to Doran Beach, or even if you’ve visited for years, you may not realize all there is to do. Here are some of our top suggestions for summer fun at Doran Beach.
  • Hood Mountain Scarlet Fritillary from Ashes

    If you haven’t been to Hood Mountain Regional Park in a while, now is the time to go. The Pythian Road entrance of the 1,750-acre preserve on the edge of the Sonoma Valley recently reopened for the first time since the October 2017 wildfire, and its landscape offers a unique look at the ferocity and resiliency of nature. Hood Mountain enthusiasts will be relieved to see that their beloved getaway is not ruined, but regenerating – undergoing a “renovation” of sorts. 

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