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Coyotes in Sonoma County: What to know about these wild canines


Why invasive species are a threat in Sonoma County parks


How to be bear aware in Sonoma County Regional Parks


Foothill Regional Park's Alta Vista Trail gives visitors a leg up


Tips for hiking with kids in Sonoma County parks



People look out over ocean at Gualala Point Regional Park

Three Valentine's Day hikes in Sonoma County

Celebrate Valentine's Day with hikes in Sonoma County, from the coast to the mountains or the river. These dog-friendly trails offer stunning views, whale watching, and wildlife spotting in three of Sonoma County’s regional parks.

Raptors: Sonoma County’s wintertime visitors

Did you know Sonoma County sits below a great aerial flyway for migrating hawks, eagles, falcons and other raptors and winter is one of the best times to spot raptors in the county’s parks? Here are some of the common raptors to watch for and the Sonoma County Regional Parks where you’re most likely to see them.

Tent Camping at Doran Regional Park

Tips for reserving a Sonoma County campsite

Thinking about camping in Sonoma County this summer? If so and if you want to nab the best spot, reserve your campsite today. The earlier you reserve, the better your chance of ending up with a campsite that matches your needs.