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Funding for Sonoma County Parks

Gunsight Rock, Hood Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve

Measure M – Parks for All – Funding for County, City Parks

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Sonoma County voters on Nov. 6, 2018, approved Measure M, a one-eighth cent sales tax that supports Sonoma County’s regional and city parks. Approved by 72.6 percent of voters, the “Sonoma County Parks Improvement, Water Quality and Fire Safety Measure” went into effect in April 2019 and is providing funding for parks for 10 years. 

Measure M Details

Measure M is supporting long-term needs to maintain, protect and operate parks. The measure’s expenditure plan details how the revenue is to be allocated, with the county and cities each determining how best to prioritize their funding and a citizen oversight committee ensuring funds are used as intended. 

With Measure M funding, the county and cities can:

  • Invest in the maintenance of parks, trails, signs, buildings and other infrastructure
  • Improve playgrounds, sports fields, restrooms, picnic areas, and visitor centers
  • Improve park access by extending or building trails, bike paths, coastal trails, and river trails
  • Reduce wildfire risks through vegetation management
  • Open new parkland to the public
  • Protect natural resources, including waterways and wildlife habitat
  • Offer recreation, education, and health programs in parks

Measure M Annual Report

The Measure M annual report details how tax revenue was allocated for the year and highlights some of the projects and programs funded.

Additional details about Measure M:

AB 1600 Development Fees

Development Impact Fees are created under Assembly Bill 1600 (AB 1600), also known as the Mitigation Fee Act. AB 1600 enacted Government Codes Sections 66000-66008, requiring that local agencies prepare annual reports on all development impact fees collected on new developments to finance construction costs associated with public facilities. Under AB 1600 and the Sonoma County Code, Regional Parks reports on Countywide Park Mitigation Fees, which apply to all unincorporated lands with the boundary of the county. AB 1600 Development Fees Annual Reports for past years can be found using the following links: