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  • Sonoma County’s best Spring wildflower walks

  • On the trail to spring picnics in Sonoma County parks

  • Spring hikes in Petaluma's Helen Putnam Regional Park

  • Coyotes in Sonoma County: What to know about these wild canines

  • How to be bear aware in Sonoma County Regional Parks



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Wildflowers at Crane Creek Regional Park

Sonoma County’s best Spring wildflower walks

Sonoma County’s best spring wildflower displays tend to be inland, among the meadows and vernal pools of the oak woodlands. Here are some of the Sonoma County Regional Parks that wildflower fans like to visit from February to May as they enjoy the beauty of nature’s most colorful artworks.

Spring hillsides at Helen Putnam Regional Park

Spring hikes in Petaluma's Helen Putnam Regional Park

Looking for a spring hike in Sonoma County that will take your breath away? Head to the rolling hills just west of Petaluma, where Helen Putnam Regional Park features jaw-dropping views of bright green countryside and endless blue-and-white skies.

Golden violets in April at Tolay Lake Regional Park

On the trail to spring picnics in Sonoma County parks

Spring in Sonoma County is practically a Technicolor experience, and a picnic in a regional park is one of the best ways to soak up the season's vivid beauty. You'll find picnic areas near many of the park entrances, but if you're up for more of an adventure, you can discover more out-of-the-way picnic sites. Here are a few of our favorites.

Tent Camping at Doran Regional Park

Tips for reserving a Sonoma County campsite

Thinking about camping in Sonoma County this summer? If so and if you want to nab the best spot, reserve your campsite today. The earlier you reserve, the better your chance of ending up with a campsite that matches your needs. 

Snowy Plover nesting at Doran Regional Park

Help protect the western snowy plover at Doran Regional Park

The western snowy plover is a small shoreline bird that nests at Doran Beach and other Sonoma Coast parks. Due to its declining numbers, the plover has been designated a federally threatened species. Learn how beach visitors can minimize their impacts to plover habitat and support this bird's survival.

Three Sonoma County trails to inspire gratitude and introspection

Taking to the trails is an opportunity to find gratitude in the beauty of the outdoors and prioritize your mental and physical well-being. The diversity of Sonoma County’s regional parks ensures that you’ll find trails suitable for all skill levels and preferences and the perfect place to gain perspective on what matters.