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Watson School Restoration Project

Watson School restoration project

What & Why?

Sonoma County Regional Parks and the Parks Foundation are working to restore Watson School, the historic one-room schoolhouse on Bodega Highway where west county children were educated for over 111 years.

The proposed multi-phase project is to perform historical restoration of the original structure of the building and refurnish the interior as a complete example of an early one-room schoolhouse. Watson School would then be reopened to the public for historical interpretation, school programs, public meetings and historical society and non-profit use.

What's Next?

Improvements still to be completed include replacement of windows and restoration of the roof and bell tower. The next step would be the restoration of the interior of the building, including:

  • the walls
  • floor
  • podium area
  • wood burning stove
  • electrical system and
  • interior paint.

Finally, the project calls for the restoration or replacement of the interior amenities, such as desks, bookshelves and tables.