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Hood Mountain Park & Preserve Fire Recovery - Project Detail

Hood & Summit Intersection – view facing north from ridgeline

Summit, Santa Rosa Creek and Alder Glen Trails, and Lower Johnson Trail below the Pythian Trailhead parking lot continue to be cleared, and improvements and repairs are being planned. Work will begin in spring 2023 in order to make improvements to reopen these closed trails.

Engineering and repair of the Los Alamos Road retaining wall is complete and the trailhead parking lot open for public use. Removal of burned buildings, vehicles and other hazard materials is complete.

In 2017, the footbridge on the Lower Johnson Ridge Trail, a 6-foot wide and 35-foot long bridge was destroyed and a 45-foot long culvert that ran under the Pond Trail was vaporized. Repair work for both is complete.

 Work completed after 2020 fire include: 

  • Repair work for portions of the Lower Johnson Ridge and Lawson Trails are complete providing trail access into the park from the Pythian Road entrance.
  • Hazard trees that staff felled on the through route-road from the Los Alamos Road to Pythian Road are staged for chipping - work began in August 2021 to chip and scatter staged material.