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Parks - Project Detail

Aerial photo of Hood Mountain Park shows dozer line firebreak 500

Trails opened after clearing hazardous burned trees, and downed or moved felled trees.

The damage assessment and repair is complete. Repair to infrastructure is complete; however, the forests that burned, especially large areas cleared by dozers at Hood Mountain, will take years to recover.

Completed repair work includes the following:

  • Chip the staged vegetation along roads and trails, and scatter slash if not accessible by chipper.
    • Post 2020 Glass Fire extensive work is being completed to remove fallen and hazard trees first and foremost to provide safe access for the need of future emergency crews, fire hazard burned-vegetation removal, and secondarily to provide public access recreation. 
    • Hood - Nearly 80% of park acreage burned in the Glass Fire of 2020. Between the 2017 and 2020 fires, nearly the entire park has burned and some areas vegetation burned twice. Major infrastructure that was repaired (vaporized culvert and trail bridge) after the 2017 Nuns Fire was not damaged in the 2020 Glass Fire.
  • Repair or replace signage, benches, tables, and fencing.
  • Repair trail tread at Hood by filling and grading large holes in trail created by burned out tree stumps and roots.
    • New work began post 2020 Glass Fire, repairing trails damaged by fire.
  • Repair roads and trails damaged by heavy equipment used to suppress the fire.
    • No suppression crews or equipment from the 2020 Glass Fire affected Hood Mountain Park and Preserve

Fire damage was the most extreme at Hood Mountain Park and Preserve and Shiloh Ranch Regional Parks. All repairs from the 2017 Nuns Fire are complete: 

  • Piles of destroyed vegetation along roads and trails were chipped and scattered for mulch.
  • Parks close during large storm events. Prior to reopening, conditions are assessed and hazardous trees are cleared, repairs completed and erosion control features are adjusted as needed.
  • Signage and other amenities have been repaired or replaced.
  • Trail repair completed.

Sonoma Valley Regional Park, Crane Creek Regional Park and Tom Schopflin Fields all suffered damage to signage and other amenities which have been repaired or replaced.