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Joe Rodota Trail
Bench on the Joe Rodota Trail

Joe Rodota Trail

4211 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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Park Information

The Joe Rodota Trail is an 8.5-mile paved, off-road trail linking downtown Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. This accessible trail runs parallel to Highway 12 and is a popular route for cyclists and pedestrians. Its rural sections offer views of farmland, the Laguna de Santa Rosa, and surrounding mountains. Views are especially beautiful in fall and spring. The trail is named after Joe Rodota, the first director of Sonoma County Regional Parks.

Trail Access

In Santa Rosa, the trail begins at the pedestrian/bicycle bridge intersection with the Prince Memorial Greenway between West 3rd Street and Railroad Street. In Sebastopol, the trail begins near the intersection of Mill Station Road and Highway 116. 

Additional trail access is located off public streets along the trail, including Roberts Avenue, Dutton Avenue, Stony Point Road, Wright Road, Sebastopol Road, Merced Avenue, Llano Road, and Petaluma Avenue. 


Santa Rosa

  • Street parking at Olive Park on Hazel Street or Orange Street 
  • Trailhead parking lot at the west end of Sebastopol Road (disabled parking available) 
  • Limited parking on the east and west side of Merced Avenue where the trail intersects the road


  • Parking lot off Burnett Street between Gravenstein Highway South (South Main Street) and Petaluma Avenue

From Rails to Trails

Both the Joe Rodota Trail and the West County Regional Trail, which runs between Sebastopol and Forestville, are built along with land that was once the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railway. The rail line linked Petaluma and Santa Rosa with Sebastopol and Forestville. Together, the trails total 14 miles.


Features 8.5 miles of paved gently sloped trail. Accessible parking is provided at the west end of Sebastopol Road. There are unimproved trail crossings at Merced Avenue and at Llano Road which require caution by trail users.