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Bellevue Creek Trail

Looking northeast at Bellevue Creek outside Rohnert Park-1330

What & Why?

The proposed Bellevue Creek Trail will create a safe non-motorized transportation and recreation route and trailheads connecting Rohnert Park and Cotati to the regional trails. The Trail will provide connections to the planned Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail and the SMART Trail. The Bellevue Creek Trail is identified as a project in the 2010 County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and in the City of Rohnert Park's General Plan.

The trail will improve the transportation network for bicyclists and pedestrians by providing connections to the following public roads: Stony Point Road, Rohnert Park Expressway, Wilfred Avenue, Millbrae Avenue, Whistler Avenue, Santa Rosa Avenue, Synder Lane, and Petaluma Hill Road. 

What's Next?

Regional Parks will secure funding needed to complete the environmental work, design and engineering, and construction. An Active Transportation Program funding application request was submitted in 2015 for Phase 1. Unfortunately, the funding request was not approved. Parks staff will apply for other funding opportunities when available.