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Del Rio Woods Accessibility & Site Enhancement Project

Picnic Tables at Del Rio Woods Park

What & Why?

Del Rio Woods Recreation District (“District”) was formed in 1942 to allow for the installation of a seasonal dam on the Russian River to create a swimming facility for the District residents. Over the years, regulations have changed such that it was essentially impossible to get the approvals to install the seasonal dam, so in December 2015 the five Del Rio Woods Recreation District Board Members resigned and requested that District responsibilities be transferred to Sonoma County Regional Parks. 

The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) dissolved the Recreation District, completing the process in April of 2016 and Del Rio Woods is now part of Sonoma County Regional Parks.

What's Next?

Parks Planning staff worked on the Accessibility & Site Enhancement project to address required accessibility improvements and other site enhancements for the park facility.

There was a community planning meeting in April 2018 at Del Rio Woods where the Preliminary Improvement Plan 2017-03-29 was presented.

Accessibility improvements and other enhancements have been completed and the facilities opened on May 26, 2018.