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SVRP Master Plan - Background

Clouds over Sonoma Valley Regional Park

In early 2015, Regional Parks began the master planning two properties that were added to Sonoma Valley Regional Park. The master planning process studied the potential outdoor recreation and education opportunities and the restoration and preservation of the sites’ sensitive habitats.

Resource studies were conducted and completed that informed the Final Draft Master Plan. Two community workshops were held to gather public input on possible trail alignments and other park amenities. The first workshop took place on October 28, 2015. The second and final meeting was on April 27, 2016. 

Sonoma Valley Regional Park Expansion Final Mitigated Negative Declaration, Initial Study and Appendices
(PDF: 15.3 MB)


The park expansion area includes a 29-acre parcel, known as the Curreri Addition, on its northern boundary and a 41-acre parcel, known as the Sonoma Developmental Center Addition, along Highway 12 and adjacent to the park’s southeast boundary.

The Sonoma Land Trust led the Curreri acquisition with funding from partners and transferred title to Regional Parks in late 2014. The Curreri parcel protects crucial wildlife habitat within the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor and features sweeping views of Sonoma Valley, Sonoma Mountain, and the Mayacamas Mountains.

The Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District purchased the Developmental Center parcel for Regional Parks after the State declared it surplus property. The Sonoma Developmental Center title was transferred to Regional Parks in 2007. This parcel includes scenic Highway 12 views and also is part of the habitat corridor connecting Sonoma Mountain with the southern Mayacamas Mountains. The addition of this property offers an opportunity to expand the park’s trail system through iconic oak woodlands.

Project Partners

  • The Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District – Curreri Acquisition, Sonoma Developmental Center parcel Acquisition, and Initial Public Access & Operations & Maintenance funding for the Curreri Property
  • Sonoma Land Trust – Curreri Acquisition
  • The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation – Curreri Acquisition
  • The Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation – Curreri Acquisition

In addition, Regional Parks thanks these entities for their support during the acquisition process:

  • Sonoma County Permit & Resource Management Department
  • Sonoma Ecology Center
  • Neighbors of Sonoma Valley Regional Park - Curreri Addition 

Regional Parks also thanks:

  • Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation for its financial support of the planting restoration and screening project
  • Conservation Corps North Bay for applying and receiving funds from the Active Transportation Program, Caltrans - funds will support trail improvements on the expansion properties