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Pinnacle Gulch Coastal Access Trail
Pinnacle Gulch Coastal Access Trail
Pinnacle Gulch Coastal Access Trail

Pinnacle Gulch Coastal Access Trail

20600 Mockingbird Road, Bodega Bay, CA 94923

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Park Information

The Pinnacle Gulch Coastal Access Trail is a half-mile path leading to a small, picturesque beach on Bodega Bay. The beach here is a quarter-mile long and is dotted with interesting rocks, tide pools and a distinctive rock formation just offshore.

The trailhead is across from a small parking area in the Bodega Harbour golf course community at the southern entrance to Bodega Bay off of Highway 1.

The unpaved trail descends a gulch fed by a seasonal stream and is lined with cypress, willows, coastal scrub, berries and wildflowers. 

There are usually few people at this beach, making it an ideal destination for quiet walks, picnics, bird watching and shore fishing.

This walk can be turned into a 1.9-mile loop at low tide by walking south on the beach and hiking up the Shorttail Gulch Coastal Access Trail and back to the parking area. Low tide also allows visitors to hike north from Pinnacle Gulch to Doran Beach.

Trail Map

Pinnacle Shortail gulch trails map

To reach the Pinnacle Gulch-Shorttail Gulch Coastal Access Trails, take Highway 1 to Bodega Bay, turn onto Harbour Way just south of town and follow the signs to the trailhead parking.

Trail Lengths

  • Pinnacle Gulch: 0.55 miles
  • Shorttail Gulch: 0.52 miles
  • Beach Walk: 0.40 miles
  • Loop Hike: 1.89 miles (The loop hike is recommended at low tide only. Check tides before hiking.)

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Pinnacle Gulch Coastal Access Trail
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