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Copeland Creek Trail - Background

View of hills and trees on Copeland Creek trail

Project Description

This project designs and constructs a 2.6 mile trail along Copeland Creek that will link Sonoma State University to Crane Creek Regional Park, connecting a popular urban greenway to the headwaters of Hinebaugh Creek.

The County’s project, starting at the Rohnert Park city limits at Petaluma Hill Road and continuing east, is identified as high priority in the adopted 2010 County Bikeway Plan.

This Plan also designates Regional Parks Department as responsible for establishing and maintaining Class I Bikeways. Class I Bikeways are also known as multi-use paths, providing access for pedestrian and bicycle travel with an all-weather surface. Class I Bikeways are on corridors separate from the road and are intended to provide superior safety, connectivity, and recreation opportunities.

Once completed, the trail will provide a continuation of the existing Copeland Creek Trail within Rohnert Park, westward to the intersection of Hinebaugh Creek and the Rohnert Park Expressway. Future work will extend this trail to the Laguna de Santa Rosa, offering community access to appreciate the Laguna’s diverse ecological and scenic resources.

Project Funding

Funding includes a $360,170 Matching Grant from Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District to the City of Rohnert Park and $200,000 from the Transportation Development Act Article 3 which comes from a quarter cent sales tax.