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Crane Creek Regional Park Expansion - Project Detail

View of hill at Crane Creek Regional Park

The 128-acre property will be subdivided into two lots. The City of Rohnert Park will own 53 acres of land adjacent to Petaluma Hill Road and the County of Sonoma will own 75 acres of land adjacent to the existing Crane Creek Regional Park. The 53-acre property is identified as the Crane Creek Trail Connection and the 75-acre property is identified as the Crane Creek Regional Park Expansion.

The City of Rohnert Park will grant a public access easement to the County for the section of Copeland Creek Trail located within the City-owned 53 acres of land. The trail easement would start at Petaluma Hill Road, continue eastward, and end at the property line of the 75-acre County property. A service road, trail, and water storage tank will be developed on the City’s property. The City will be the lead agency for completing CEQA, design and engineering, and construction of the improvements.

After the County accepts the 75-acre property dedication from the City of Rohnert Park, Regional Parks will prepare an amendment to the Crane Creek Regional Park Master Plan. An amendment is necessary to add the 75-acre property to the existing park, identify future phases of park improvements such as additional trails, and protect and preserve any biological and cultural resources on site.

CEQA for the proposed Copeland Creek Trail located on the 75-acre property was completed in February 2020. Please visit the Copeland Creek Trail project page for more information on the trail.

Future public meetings will be scheduled to solicit input.