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Funding for Sonoma County Parks

Voters Approve Measure M for Regional, City Parks

Sonoma County voters on Nov. 6, 2018 approved Measure M, a one-eighth cent sales tax that will support Sonoma County’s regional and city parks. Approved by 72.6 percent of voters, the “Sonoma County Parks Improvement, Water Quality and Fire Safety Measure” goes into effect in April 2019 and will provide dedicated funding for parks for 10 years.  

Measure M Details

Measure M will support Sonoma County and its cities with their long-term needs to maintain, protect and operate parks. The tax will generate an estimated $11.5 million annually, with an estimated $7.6 million a year going to Sonoma County Regional Parks and an estimated $3.8 million a year total going to the nine cities.

An integral part of the proposed measure is its expenditure plan, which details how the revenue can be spent. The county and cities will individually determine how best to prioritize their funding projects, and a citizen oversight committee will be established to ensure funds are used as intended. 

Additional details about the measure:

Measure M Funding Can Be Used To:

  • Invest in maintenance of parks, trails, signs, buildings and other infrastructure
  • Improve playgrounds, sports fields, restrooms, picnic areas, and visitor centers
  • Improve access to parks by extending or building regional trails, bike paths, coastal trails, and river trails
  • Reduce wildfire risks through vegetation management
  • Open publicly owned parkland that is currently not accessible
  • Protect natural resources, including waterways and wildlife habitat
  • Offer recreation, education, and health programs in parks