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Sport Fising Center - entrance
Sport Fising Center - dock and berths
Sport Fising Center - operators sign and dock
Sport Fising Center - parking area

Sport Fishing Center

1500 Bayflat Road, Bodega Bay, CA 94923

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Dungeness crab season restrictions: Effective April 8, 2024, the commercial dungeness crab season will be closed, and a restriction on the use of recreational standard crab traps is in place, per state regulations. Hoop nets and crab snares are still allowed. Learn more.

Park Information

Sailing, whale watching, sportfishing and other charter trips are great ways to enjoy Bodega Bay and to get out on the ocean. 

Sonoma County Regional Parks operates the Sport Fishing Center, located within the private Porto Bodega Marina. It is the only place in Bodega Bay where privately chartered boats may dock for passenger loading and unloading.

To reserve a sportfishing or other charter, please contact the private operators directly:

Private Operator

Phone Number

New Sea Angler (40 Passenger) (707) 875-3495
Sandy Ann (6 Passenger) (707) 875-3344
Surf Scooter (20 Passenger) (707) 875-3344
Monk Charters (6 Passenger) (707) 322-0130
Miss Vic (6 Passenger)
(707) 888-8092
Sea Prowler Charters (6 Passenger)
(530) 320-0910
Reel Magic (6 Passenger) (707) 875-2628
Reel Obsession Sportfishing (6 Passenger) (707) 495-2165
Andiamo Whale Charters (6 Passenger) (707) 364-3569
Bodega Bay Whale Charters (6 Passenger) (415) 858-5139
Pole Dancin’ (6 Passenger) (707) 494-9155
North Bay Fishing Charters (6 Passenger)  (415) 408-8019
Reel-Lentless (6 Passenger)   (707) 334-4827
Bodega Bay Sailing Charters  (707) 318-2251

Private charters interested in using the Sport Fishing Center may use the transient dock by entering into a Dock Use agreement. For more information please contact Spud Point Marina office at (707) 875-3535 or


  • Stable docks from 20 feet to 80 feet, 7 berths (currently full, waitlist available)
  • Ample parking close to berths
  • Fuel dock with gas, diesel and ice: available at Spud Point Marina
  • Bait and tackle: available at markets nearby
  • Fishing pier: Spud Point Marina breakwater
  • Wi-Fi: Bodega Bay Wifi
  • Public Restrooms: pit toilets

Rules and Regulations

  • Keep off the docks – Party Boat Operators and their passengers ONLY 
  • No camping or overnight parking
  • No fishing From the docks
  • No climbing on the breakwater
  • No open fires
  • No kayaks or non-motorized craft allowed inside the marina

Bodega Bay Marinas map

Bodega Bay Marinas map